How To Appeal To Your Audience As a Writer

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Speed is the virtue of the Jet Age, speed is also its vice. People complain these days they don’t have time. They are diurnally bankrupted and don’t have enough of their day! They replace laughter with chuckles in their communication to save time, they are handcuffed with wristwatches in an obsessive time consciousness that sentences the alarm clock for life to their bed post!

The situation gets quite dicey now as a writer is trying to smuggle his writing through this haze to a naturally disinterested audience. How can you appeal in your writing to a modern-day audience who claim to lack time, being busy enough to take a cab from their sitting room to their dining table? How can you possibly engage your audience as a writer, kidnapping their attention in your write-up, getting them engrossed enough to read your write-up on a toilet seat?

Deliver your message as…

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